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Hello there beautiful souls, nice to meet you!

Welcome to ‘’Crystl Wolf’’, you're "everything crystal" local dealer! - We search the planet for authentic crystals that are not only beautiful but have the highest vibrations from nature.  We offer spiritual tools, gem-water, crystals, rocks, smudging and healing jewelry for anyone seeking wellness, enlightenment, spiritual healing and personal growth. Our inventory is an ever-changing flow of authentic, high vibe rocks and crystals meant to increase and expand the light and love within your soul.  EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and we desire to pass along natures healing force thru the transfer of pure high vibe crystal energies. We are excited to share in this journey by creating a connection of like-minded souls, providing resources/tools to awaken your soul and live a HIGH VIBE life! 

 Crystals With A Purpose

At Crystl Wolf, we are passionate about supporting conservation and being a voice for animals’ needs. We donate  5% of our crystal sales to "The Wilderness Society".  Animals are the healers of this planet, they desperately need our protection and to be a strong voice for them. Protecting animals rights is a paramount mission and passion for us. By supporting our business, we all get to be a part of this love, light and wonderful journey of giving back to something outside ourselves. We LOVE good Karma.

 Gem-Water With A Purpose

Purchasing a re-usable bottle like a Crystl Wolf gem-water bottle is a great first step in doing your part to help reduce plastic use.  Did you know ? 

    • Nearly 300 million tons of plastic wastes are produced every year.
    • Plastic wastage is growing at an annual rate of 9%.
    • The US is the world’s top generator of plastic waste.
    • Around 70,000 micro plastics are consumed by an average person each year.
    • 1 million marine animals die due to plastic pollution every year.
    • 75% of all plastic produced has become waste.
    • It takes around 500-1,000 years for plastics to decompose.
    • 73% of all litter on beaches worldwide is plastic.
    • By 2040, there will be 1.3 Billion tons of plastic waste present in the environment. 

  We need must  make radical changes to stop this disaster. When you purchase from Crystl Wolf not only are you doing your part but your purchase helps support "The Perfect World Foundation-Save The Ocean.", a wonderful organization working tirelessly to save our oceans. With every Crystl Wolf gem-water bottle your purchase makes a difference!  With each sale we donate  $2 directly to the "The Perfect World Foundation".


     Crystl Wolf is committed to supporting suppliers who maintain ethical mining practices. We strive to run our business with goodness, integrity and honesty, joining together in raising the vibration of the collective.  Our crystals, rocks, and gems are selected for their pure authenticity and high vibe healing energy. 

    Thank you for supporting our business, pass along the information about us and tell a friend, because together we can make big changes!