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Care & Instructions


When your water bottle arrives you should have all of these components:

1. Lead-free borosilicate glass bottle with empty gem pod already attached to the bottom cap 

2. Organic canvas bag holding your crystal elixir mix

3. 3 tiny stainless steel word charm affirmations


Unpacking Instructions:

Step 1- Disassemble the top and bottom caps

Step 2- Unscrew gem pod from bottom cap

Step 3 - Remove silicon seal from bottom of gem pod

Step 4 - Rise all parts with water

*Your glass bottle itself is safe to put in dishwasher however, the gem pod and stainless steel caps should be hand washed with soap and warm water.

Step 5 - Open the bag holding your crystal blend with affirmation word charms and add them carefully to your gem pod

*Your crystal blend has been pre-measured and will NOT fill the gem pod completely. This is to allow enough space for the silicon seal cap to properly fit back into the gem pod full of authentic crystals.

* PRO TIP! : If you want you can now fill your gem pod (filled with your crystal mix) with water before closing it to add a more magnified look to the crystal mix! 

Step 6- Push silicon seal cap back into the pod. *Careful not to push too hard. Apply slow and gently pressure until the cap is all the way in. **Check to make sure there are no gaps between the silicon seal and the gem pod

Step 7 - Screw gem pod back onto into the bottom stainless steel cap. Make sure it's screwed on straight and tight

Now you're ready to fill your water bottle!

When filling our water bottle run water straight  into your bottle. Try not to let it overflow or water will collect in the groove in the bottom stainless steel cap.  If this happens, close the top cap and turn the bottle completely upside down to remove any water that has collected there. It may seem like your bottle is leaking but rest assured it is not! 


Once you've added water to your crystal water bottle, let it stand for at least 15-20min to allow the pure crystal energy to infuse and charge your water.

We suggest cleaning your bottle at least every 2-3 days depending on use. After extensive use, water products can develop limescale, simply use lemon juice or vinegar essence to remove.

We know you will love drinking in all the healing energy from your new Crystl Wolf Gem Water Bottle. Enjoy!