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Selenite Om Mandala Etched Puffy Heart

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Elevate the vibration of your energy field with these beautiful Selenite etched Om puffy hearts.The Om symbol sits in the center of a beautiful mandala design.

Medium Size:  3"  across, 1.2" thick

Symbol of OM Meaning:

The Om symbol is the all encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe. It is said to be the seed of all of creation. This seemingly small word contains all the power of the universe. It is the beginning, middle and the end of it all or the past, present and future. Chanting Om brings into your awareness the physical reality of this world and your body, the subtle impressions of the mind and emotions and the thoughts and beliefs of your life and this world. Om is an amazing tool that all people of all faiths can utilize to bring focus and awareness to the greater meaning of life.

Sounding the tone of ”OM” creates a vibrational frequency of harmony in the body. The sound of the “OM” is the sound of creation and symbolizes the infinite. It connects our inner world to the greater outer and beyond, it aligns our energy and creates a feeling of openness and expansion. Traditionally spelled O-M, it is pronounced or toned A-U-M. Allowing the sound of each syllable to vibrate within. This can be done consciously feeling the “A” sound in the heart, The “U” sound in the abdomen and the “M” sound in the head. Any way you do it –The experience is connection , unity and love.

Healing Virtues:

Selenite is effective at cleansing the auric field, and it can clear congested energies or negativity from one's physical and etheric body.
It opens and activates the third eye, crown and soul star chakra above the head and can lift one's awareness to higher planes of existence.

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