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Organic Chakra White Sage & Rose Smudge Kit

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 Our bundles are hand-made with organically sourced white sage sprigs and combined with pretty rose petals for a wonderful scent. Open your windows and doors and let all the trouble out by burning white sage!

These beautiful organic 7 chakras rose petal/ white sage bundles also make a lovely smudging gift. The rose petal flowers have a balancing and cleansing aroma. 

Bundle includes:

2- 6" organically grown rose petal white sage bundle

1- 4" Selenite Wand

1- Natural Shed Falcon Feather


How to burn white sage:

Unpack the bundle and remove the selenite wand, open up a window and light the smudging stick until you see a flame. Blow out the flame so that the herbs smolder then spread the smoke from the herbs around the room, for example with a feather. Move smoke into all corners of the room and speak out your intentions.