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Mini Purple Sphalerite Tower Points

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Beautiful quality purple Sphalerite tower points with purple, brown and grey colors and some small druzy pockets. 

Each one is approx. 3"- 3.2" tall



Sphalerite Healing Virtues:

Sphalerite is very strong mineral that will ground you spiritually, especially if you have been meditating with crystals and stones that work with the higher chakras.

Also, know as the  "the magic stone" and for good reason! First of all, it is a very protective stone as it will work to ward off any kind of negative or demotivating energy that threatens to affect your spiritual growth.

Sphalerite is a gemstone that enhances one's insightfulness and mental powers, conducive to providing a fuller understanding of the circumstances surrounding one's life. It allows the mind to be relaxed and conceptualize subjects with more clarity.

This amazing beautiful mineral works very well with the Third Eye Chakra to help envelop your mind in light and show you how to live from your heart. Let Sphalerite teach you how to open your eyes to see beyond yourself, offering an enlightened perspective on everything you do.


*All of our crystals are cleared and then infused with Reiki light which is done personally by me ;) I am a certified Reiki Master and Energy Healer. Once you get your new crystals you will feel the difference energetically! It's a complimentary service we provide just for you!


Please note: Photo always makes the items appear bigger than they are, please double-check the size before you purchase ;) These are natural crystals so natural imperfections exist — natural cracks, lines, dents, natural chipping
*Photos are taken under natural lighting

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