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High Quality 2 lbs K2 Tower From Pakistan

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AAA quality large chunky K2 Tower. Beautiful smooth tower with so many amazing blue dot speckles of Azurite! Big and gorgeous!


7 1/2" Tall x 2" Wide

Weighs: 2 lbs!


Our K2 Tower is a unique and powerful crystal that is sure to enhance your spiritual practice. The K2 crystal is named after the second-highest mountain in the world, K2, located in the Karakoram Range on the border between Pakistan and China. This crystal is a combination of azurite and granite, giving it a distinctive appearance and energy.

The K2 Tower is believed to have a wide range of metaphysical properties, making it a popular choice for crystal healers and collectors alike. This crystal is said to help with communication, especially in difficult situations, and to enhance intuition and spiritual insight. It is also thought to promote balance and harmony in relationships, as well as physical healing and well-being.

The K2 Tower is associated with the third eye and crown chakras, making it an excellent tool for meditation and spiritual exploration. This crystal can help to open and activate these energy centers, allowing for a deeper connection to higher consciousness and spiritual realms.

In addition to its metaphysical properties, the K2 Tower is also a beautiful and unique addition to any crystal collection. Each tower is handcrafted and polished to showcase the natural beauty of the stone.

If you're looking for a powerful crystal that can enhance your spiritual practice and bring balance to your life, the K2 Tower is an excellent choice. Incorporate it into your meditation practice or simply display it in your home to benefit from its powerful energy.

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