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Raw Aquamarine Chunks

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These are natural and raw Aquamarine chunks. Each specimen has an amazing pastel blue color that is so vivid, a few pieces have small specs of opaque white inclusions. have a little bit of sparkle and sheen to them as well. These are all natural stones so the sizes and textures and natural flaws are part of each one's uniqueness and beauty. 

These are natural stones, not colored or heat treated.

Origin: Pakistan

Specimen A is priced a bit higher because it is beryl-shaped gem quality. The specimen is translucent with a tiny rainbow in it.


A- Gem quality with natural beryl shape -1 1/4"L  x 1/2" W x 1/2" thick-SOLD

B- 1 1/2"L  x 1 1/4"W x 1/2" thick

C- 1 1/2" L x 1 1/4" W x 1/2" thick (at widest part)

D- 1 1/2"L x 1 1/4"W x 1/2" thick

E- 1 1/4" L x 3/4"W x 1/4" thick


Aquamarine Healing Virtues:

The soothing, go-with-the-flow frequencies of Aquamarine make it an excellent tool in crystal healing.

A very sophisticated crystal with amazing healing virtues.
The loving vibration of the Aquamarine stone surrounds you with positive energy, helping you feel safe and protected. It will raise your vibration and offers very strong transmutational energy. It's a wonderful connector of people and brings harmony among individuals.

This Aquamarine crystal stone is known for its capacity to bring the emotional balance that helps to clear emotional wounds from the past and to heal emotional shock and panic. It always gives positive vibes and creates a calm and peaceful aura and protects from all stressful environments.

- Reduces fear or stress, filtering information reaching the brain and clarifying perception
- Clears blocked communication and assists self-expression
- Dissolves self-defeating programs, allowing the soul to be heard
- Supports those overwhelmed by responsibility, and encourages responsibility for self
- Counteracting the forces of darkness and bringing unfinished business to a conclusion and ensuring closure on all levels

Chakra: Throat

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*All of our crystals are cleared and then infused with Reiki light which is done personally by me ;) I am a certified Reiki Master and Energy Healer. Once you get your new crystals you will feel the difference energetically! It's a complimentary service we provide just for you!

*Photo always makes the items appear bigger than they are, please double-check the size before you purchase ;)

While we do our best to photo all products the best we can, there may be slight variations in color due to lighting and the resolution of your screen. Also, crystals show different colors when shown in direct sunlight vs natural indoor lighting.

 Products are packed with extreme care. Due to the nature of the product, we are not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping or lost/stolen packages.

Thank you for your continued support ✨💕

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