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Fire and Ice Quartz Jumbo Pocket Stones

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These are amazing quality Fire & Ice ( also known as crackle quartz) jumbo-size pocket stones from Brazil. Not really a standard tumble size and not big enough to be a palm stone. They are a really unique bubble size! So bright, clear, sparkly!

Your stone will be intuitively selected.

Sizes range from: 1.5" - 2"

Fire & Ice Healing Virtues:

Fire and ice quartz, also called iris crystal, iris quartz, crackle quartz or rainbow crystal, is the name given to a form of clear quartz (rock crystal) from Brazil. It is characterized by numerous internal fissures that result in the appearance of rainbows in the crystalline matrix.

The frequency of the fire and ice quartz connects with all physical and transpersonal chakras. The high vibrational energy opens, balances, cleans, and aligns all chakras and energy fields so that energy can flow freely through the chakric system, helping to greatly increase the vibrational energy. Fire and ice quartz open one's consciousness to the higher dimensions so that one can receive guidance and wisdom and be receptive to the impulses of the soul. The rainbows in the crystalline matrix increase the vibrations of the rock crystal so that its energy is multidimensional.

Fire and ice quartz increases the vibrations of one's etheric body so that one is able to hold a high vibration which in turn increases the vibrational energy of one's physical body. Thus, low-vibration negative energy cannot hold the same "space" and is transmuted naturally, helping to clear out any negative energies that reside in a person's cellular memory. The high vibrational energy of this crystal helps to purify someone on all levels of your being so that you can function multidimensionally in alignment with your soul's purpose for this life.
Chakra: Crown, Solar Plexus



**Macro photography always makes the items appear bigger than they are, please double-check the size before you purchase ;)

*All of our crystals are cleared and then infused with Reiki light which is done personally by me ;) I am a certified Reiki Master and Energy Healer. Once you get your new crystals you will feel the difference energetically! It's a complimentary service we provide just for you!

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While we do our best to photo all products the best we can, there may be slight variations in color due to lighting and the resolution of your screen. Also, crystals show different colors when shown in direct sunlight vs natural indoor lighting.

Products are packed with lots of love and extreme care. Due to the nature of the product we are not responsible for any damages, or lost packages that may occur during shipping. 

If you have any issues, please reach out to us directly.

Thank you for your continued support ✨💕