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Beautiful Stylish Blue Lace Agate Hexagon Bracelet

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Stunning AAA quality Blue Lace Agate Hexagon stretch bracelet. A very unique and fashion forward way to wear your favorite crystal vibe; Blue Lace Agate!  These are top quality! Bracelets are made with extra-strong nylon cord.


Blue Lace Agate Healing Virtues:

This stone is associated with the Throat Chakra, but it can be helpful with all of the upper chakras. It has a gentle and calming energy that is soft and receptive. It supports connection to the higher Self and enables one to discern the truth.

Blue Lace Agate is excellent in aiding communication by opening the Throat Chakra and allowing for positive self-expression. It dissolves old blocks that hinder self-expression, including fear of being judged, repression, and ridicule that may have been seeded in childhood. It also helps those who need to filter their words do so with grace.

Blue Lace Agate empowers the voice, which makes it an excellent stone for people who need to perform public speaking. Allow your words to be heard with Blue Lace Agate.


Fits Wrist Size:7"

Bead Siz: 6mm Flat Hexagon Shape

*Always Genuine and Authentic Crystals