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Organic White Sage Bundles

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 We source only the BEST QUALITY verified organic sage!

🌿 QUALITY ORGANIC NATURAL 4"+ Size California Sourced White Sage Bundles. We have tested the quality of the sage available on the market and stand by our high quality for a slow burn and fragrant sage bundles

🌿 ETHICALLY SOURCED-Our sage bundles are never wild-harvested and grow in a protected farm that tends to the crop with love and intent to protect this sacred species of plant from overharvesting. The sage we sell is highly rated for its aromatic scent and burning abilities.

🌿BENEFITS OF SMUDGING- Smudging practice is a healing and cleansing practice that is as old as time. When you smudge regularly, it brings a sense of harmony to your life. The Latin word for sage is, ‘Salvia,’ healthy meaning ‘to heal.’ burning sage the theory behind this ritual is that the smoke attaches itself negative energy and as the smoke clears away it takes the negative energy with it that is why it's important to always open up a window when burning sage.

Other benefits to burning sage; it brings ancient wisdom, clarity, energy cleansing, and increased spiritual awareness and intuition.

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